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Our Story

–Yanet Nadjar, our founder and Broker, has been in the real estate business for over 14 years. Yanet bases her knowledge of real estate from her previous work as a director of a national bank in Colombia. These experiences have shaped her view of real estate to focus on best serving the public. This is achieved by focusing on implementing effectual channels of communication and sharing her wealth of knowledge about the industry. Yanet concentrates on cultivating her team to be the absolute best version of their professional selves through consistent motivation and career training.  Her managing partner, Carlos Amastha Sr., has equally extensive knowledge and experience in  real estate, spanning back 14 years. His focus is developing the business as a whole by creating the most productive work environment possible. He pulls from his 40 plus years of business administration to offer sage guidance to realtors in every aspect of business. His knowledge not only helps with the day to day transactions of a realtor but helps shape a wholesome, proficient realtor by offering guidance on marketing, social media, and communication. This partnership offers Realty World Prestige Properties International realtors a 100% unique approach to successfully complete any real estate transaction.

Our Vision

–Realty World Prestige Properties International is a family based and innovative real estate brokerage firm. Our view is that realtors can provide the best service to their clients when they are supported 100%. Our goal for each and every one of our associates is to embody the utmost values of professionalism and efficacy. At our core, we are a company that cares about every person involved in a transaction and their experience with our associates. Our principal values are represented below:

–R = Real World Experience

–W = Worldwide Clientele

–P = Professionalism

–P = Personal

–I = Innovators within the industry


Giving Thanks

As we approach the holidays and the end of the year it seems like the best time to reflect upon the people and wonderful opportunities we have encountered. An attitude of gratitude is in season, allowing us all to take a break from our busy lives to give thanks and really remember some of the important things in life - a good home and happy family.

It's important we make a habit of expressing our appreciation while we can; not only on special occasions, which is why at Realty World Prestige Properties International we would like to give thanks to be able to bring such joy to so many by helping them find their forever homes and bringing families together in such a wonderful experience. 



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